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Location: San Diego, California, United States

I'm a 35 year old aspiring screenwriter who recently underwent about as many major life changes as a person can undergo. Moved from Boston to San Diego, got married, got a new job. My husband and I are writing partners, and are very committed to trying to make a career for ourselves in screenwriting. We're hard at work on our third screenplay, and hope that very soon you'll be able to see a movie written by us at your local cinema. We're fine with you sneaking food into the theater.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


It’s a funny thing when Southern California experiences actual weather. Especially for me, because I know what real weather is, and to see the frantic scramblings of privileged native San Diegans as they quiver at the prospect of more than one day of rain IN A ROW is pretty funny stuff. Now admittedly, this is real weather that we’ve been having. We have had an unspeakable amount of rain in a very short period of time. There are flood warnings and mudslides and all manner of unpleasant potential disasters looming. What KILLS me, though, is that in New England, even though it rains all the freaking time, as soon as it starts to drizzle all drivers are compelled to slow to a crawl. You’d think they’d be used to driving on wet roads, and would therefore be able to strike a happy medium between hell-for-leather and emulating anemic snails. But no. In San Diego, though? Drivers pay no never mind to the fact that the road is wet and puddly and that they are in imminent danger of hydroplaning or skidding or both. They drive exactly the same as they do when it’s 75 degrees and dry as a bone. FASTFASTFAST. Eighty miles an hour is apparently the unwritten minimum.

Today started off with a torrential downpour, but now the sun is out. We started our third screenplay last week, and it's actually fun. The last one was hard -- a really dark drama with a decidedly unhappy ending. Now we're working on a thriller that isn't exactly going to be light, but compared to the last one it's When Harry Met Sally.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Introduction to me

So now that I have created this blog, blog I must. I think I'll start by talking a little about myself, in case someone who doesn't know me wanders in.

I'm Aimee, and I live in San Diego with my husband, Tony. We moved here last November to escape the cold and snow of Boston. We made the right choice -- the weather here is so perfect it's practically Pleasantville. We considered moving to LA to pursue our dream of screenwriting, but LA is... well, LA. No can do, at least not now.

We recently finished the first draft of our second screenplay. Our first, Green With Envy, made the semi-finals of the San Diego Film Festival's screenwriting competition. We're letting our second screenplay stew in its own delicious juices for a while before we jump into revisions; and in the meantime, we're doing character development and plotting for our third. I'll probably talk quite a bit about the writing process here, as well as about the strangeness of being a New Englander living in Southern California. I'll brag a bit on my brilliant nieces and nephew. And hey! who knows what else?

If anybody's here, glad to see you, I hope you'll comment sometime.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I am a blogging virgin and this is my first time. I hope I'm gentle with me!